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Things to Do in Luray VA:Things to Do in Luray VA:

Things to Do in Luray VA:Things to Do in Luray VA:

• Luray Caverns – Take a tour of the caverns, where you'll find unusual rock formations, a vast underground cave system, and the Great Stalacpipe Organ.

• Hawksbill Greenway – Enjoy the natural surroundings of Luray and stay active along the 2-mile hiking and biking trails, adjacent stream. Our son says it is aslo fun for fishing.

• Valley Cork – Enjoy a wine tasting at the Valley Cork, where you'll find a variety of wines to sample.

• Car and Carriage Caravan Museum – Take a step back in time and explore the history of carriages and cars at this museum, located next to the Luray Caverns.

• Shenandoah Heritage Village – Learn more about the history of the area and explore the original buildings and artifacts of the Shenandoah Heritage Village.

• Luray Valley Museum – Inside you'll learn more about the history and culture of Luray and the surrondingShenandoah Valley.

• Luray Singing Tower – Explore the Luray Singing Tower (show times vary)

• Cooter's Luray – Spend the day at Cooter's and take part in exciting activities such as zip-lining and archery.

• Downtown Luray Restaurants & Shops – Enjoy the many restaurants and shops in downtown Luray and explore the local culture.

• Shenandoah National Park – Skyline Drive – Take a drive along the Skyline Drive and take in the stunning views of the park. The park alos offers a mulitude of day hiking options with some spectacular waterfall views.

• Luray Zoo – Visit the Luray Zoo and explore the many animals in the zoo, including lemurs, wallaby's and many exotic birds and reptiles.

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